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Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad and iPhone

Feeddler 5.0 is now supporting iOS 14.

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Feeddler is the most popular RSS reader for iPad. It has been featured by Apple in New & Noteworthy and What's Hot sections and has been picked as a top iPad app by many media:

  • "Cleanest and most user-friendly interface" - iPhone Life Magazine
  • "Essential iPad Apps" - Gizmodo
  • "10 Must Have iPad Apps" - Cool Tricks N Tips
  • "Top 10 iPad Free Apps" - TFTS
  • ... and many more

Feeddler is a fast and highly customizable Google Reader client that stays perfect sync with Google and presents RSS stories in an easy-to-read interface. Feeddler is a universal app that supports iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads.


Get free version

Feeddler Pro ($4.99)


  • Syncs with Google Reader (account required, free).
  • Supports multiple accounts.
  • Supports feed management - add/delete/rename subscriptions and folders.
  • Display true unread counts over 1000.
  • Supports unread item filtering.
  • Supports sorting by newest first, or oldest first.
  • Caches RSS articles for offline reading.
  • Able to star/unstar, like/unlike, share/unshare, mark unread any RSS story, even when offline (will sync when starting app with internet connection).
  • Able to mark all items as read for any RSS subscription.
  • Able to mark only loaded items as read.
  • Able to show only feeds/folders with unread items.
  • Supports article tagging.
  • Supports pinching to change font size of RSS articles. (iPad or iOS4)
  • Saves images by tapping images with two fingers. (iPad or iOS4)
  • Supports Facebook sharing and Twitter.
  • Supports in-app e-mail sharing.
  • Copy & Paste titles, links, or full articles.
  • Uses built-in, full-screen browser for full articles and web pages.
  • Able to open full articles in Safari.
  • Supports swiping gestures to navigate RSS stories. (iPad or iOS4)
  • Lots of UI customization options including a night mode.

Advanced Features in Pro Version

  • Supports sync all subscriptions, and sync subscriptions in a folder/tag.
  • Customized batch syncing: sync all feeds or unread items only, sync from last sync, days or weeks.
  • Caches images for offline reading.
  • Supports keyword search to find and add feeds.
  • Able to mark items as read based on age.
  • Able to mark items as read or star/unstar by tapping either side of a headline.
  • Able to automatically mark items as read while scrolling headlines.
  • Supports personal account.
  • Supports Evernote to clip any RSS articles, web pages, images, and PDF (without leaving the app).
  • Supports Instapaper, Pocket, Readability, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Buffer.
  • Supports Delicious, Pinboard and Diigo.
  • Supports offline saving to Evernote, Instapaper, Pocket, Tumblr, Delicious, etc.
  • No ads.


If you like Feeddler, please consider writing positive reviews on the App Store. Positive reviews are the most important driver for our app development. If you have any suggestion to enhance the app, please do let us know. We keep improving the app based on user feedback.

For all matters, contact us at

Follow us on Twitter @feeddler.

Thanks David Todd for the splash image and logo design.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. All of your account information is securely saved only on your devices and is only used for Google Reader authentication and the respective third-party services.

Feeddler's code base does not use iOS Address Book API and never has access to your contacts.

Feeddler does not post any messages to your Facebook wall automatically. Each Facebook sharing requires your review.

The free version includes SDKs from ad providers such as Apple's iAd, Millennial, and Google/AdMob. These SDKs might use your IP address to enhance ad relevance.