Real-Time Stocks, no more delays...

Who wants 20-minute delayed quotes or charts in today's volatile stock markets? If your iPhone's Stocks app is not satisfying, you need Real-Time Stocks app.

Real-Time Stocks app collects real-time stock quotes and charts from various sources. You can monitor multiple real-time quotes at once, not just one at a time like other apps. Download the app and compare stock quotes with your streaming service during the market. You decide if the app is fast enough for your reference and how you can make use of it.

Best of all, Real-Time Stocks app is FREE, no matter who your broker is. After all, you are not subscribing to a financial data service. This app is not a trading platform. You don't need an account with any broker to have access to the app. No login required. No security issues.

Real-Time Stocks app is a top 30 iPhone app in Finance category. Download the app to join tens of thousands of users and see if it is better than iPhone's Stocks app.


Features (version 1.2)

Quick Demo (version 1.0, no charts)

IMPORTANT: This app is not a financial data service provider, nor a trading platform. This app is for your personal informational purposes only. Please consult your broker to verify stock prices before any trade. Trade with care and your own responsibility.

Free App, Donation Appreciated

Lots of investors have got burned in this financial crisis. You should be better informed of the latest stock market when on the go. No need to pay if this app is not useful. If Real-Time Stocks app helps you make better decisions, make profits or avoid losses, please consider donations to fund our app development and ongoing maintenance. Thank you for your support.


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